Food Service Design Solutions
Food Service Design Solutions
Green  or Silver?

When you glance into most commercial kitchens, all you see is stainless steel tables, sinks, and appliances. Everywhere we go we hear the term "green" or energy savings.

If  'going green'  is a concern for you or your client, we work with you to select equipment that operates as efficiently as possible. At Food Service Design Solutions (FSDS) we want make sure your stainless steel appliances are "Green" underneath the silver coating.

There are many agencies and programs that promote energy savings in a variety of ways. Energy Star,  LEED, and NYSERDA are just a few. Some programs will promote rebates for certain types of equipment or equipment that meets specific performance criteria.

The food service manufacturers will make claims towards savings in many ways to promote the sales of their product. Some equipment can reclaim heat or water and re-circulate to save resources. Energy management systems can be incorporated as another option. There are many ways to have a more "Green" kitchen, but most of them come down to saving natural resources. This could mean manufacturing techniques, material used in manufacturing, operating parts and components, or utility consumption ratings.  

Our goal is to provide you with the proper equipment that keeps in mind energy consumption and performance.